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What are the tasks of a notary?
Notaries are legal practitioners appointed by the state who provide independent, impartial and objective advice in many areas of law.

German notaries play a key role in real estate law, mortgage law, contract law, corporate law as well as family and succession law. The intervention of a notary is required by law in legal transactions with long-term effects and of particular economic or personal importance for the parties concerned. Such cases are, amongst others, the sale of land, the creation of a mortgage, the formation of a Private Limited Company (GmbH) or a Public Limited Company (Aktiengesellschaft), certain corporate share deals or asset deals, corporate mergers and matrimonial property agreements.

Civil law notaries act as independent, impartial and objective advisers of all parties to a transaction. They examine the will of the parties, draft the contracts and instruments necessary to carry out the intended transaction and ensure that the contractual clauses are in full compliance with the law.

Dr. Bormann & Dr. Link
Dr. Bormann and Dr. Link are familiar with both German and International Law. While Dr. Bormann graduated from Harvard Law School and did various internships abroad, Dr. Link worked several years as a lawyer in a multinational law firm. Dr. Bormann also teaches a class on issues of Anglo-American Law as visiting professor at the University of Hannover.

You will find our office in the city of Ratingen within a distance of 10 minutes from Dusseldorf Airport Terminal & Fast Train Station.
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We provide you with competent and comprehensive legal advice and prepare the drafts for your contracts and declarations. Furthermore, we certify your signatures and documents and establish authentic instruments. Last but not least, we take care of the registration of your company, your mortgage or your real estate with the competent registration authority (e. g. land register, business register, etc.).
Our services cover the full range of notarial activities such as:
Real estate law
• Purchase and sale of real estate, a building or a condominium
• Legal planning of a condominium
• Property development contracts
• Legal support for professional real estate investors
• Mortgage documents
• Easements and other land charges
• Registration with the land register

Corporate law
• Formation of a Private Limited Company (GmbH),
- a Public Limited Company (Aktiengesellschaft)
- or a European Company (SE)
• Establishment of a partnership or a limited liability company
• Acquisition of enterprises (share deal & asset deal)
• Mergers
• Registration of directors and business representatives with the business register
• Preparation and recording of a shareholder meeting
• Drafting of shareholder resolutions and board resolutions

Successions & inheritance law, estates
• Drafting & recording of a last will
• Succession contracts
• Applications for an inheritance certificate
• Donations
• Planned giving schemes
• Establishment of an endowment, a trust or a foundation
• Execution of Wills
• Estate settlements

Marriage, registered partnership & family
• Marriage agreements
• Matrimonial property agreements
• Agreements on maintenance and maintenance claims
• Agreements on child care and child custody
• Divorce settlements
• Registered partnership agreements
• Adoptions (application and procedural questions)

Providing for risks and custody
• Power of attorney for property and health care

Authentication & certification of signatures and documents
Administration of oaths
Enforceable instruments


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